What Impression Do Your Social Media Accounts Give?

Would people ask. . .

  • Are they still in business? They haven’t posted in months.
  • Where are they located?
  • Where can I read more about the business?
  • Are there pictures of what they actually do?
  • Is there a recognizable logo that brands the business?

We make sure this doesn’t happen!

Who Is Our Facebook Posting Service For?

Any Business Whose Customers Are Homeowners . . . Like

Contractors, Home Improvement Companies, Realtors, Mortage Brokers, Insurance Companies, Plumbers, HVAC Companies, Electricians, Pest Control Companies, Home Repair Companies, Painters, Lawn Care, Carpet Cleaning, Home Security, Locksmiths, Foundation Repair, Irrigation, Insulation, Tree Removal. . . and a bunch more too! laughing

What Type of Content Do We Post?

A majority of the content is educational advice and tips for homeowners, for we want your followers to gain trust with you through the information you share.

Here are some of the post types:


* Video graphic posts of homeowner tips.

* Seasonal as well as typcial (pluminbg, HVAC, electrical, pest control…) homeowner maintenance advice.

* National Day posts, historical trivia, and interesting facts that most people aren’t aware of.

* Advice on increasing ones home value and real estate market information.

Here’s How We Do It

Our Facebook posting service will post to your account Monday – Saturday.

We will give suggestions on the types of posts that you should be adding too, to make sure your followers and viewers get a well rounded picture of your business.

Is This Expensive?


Facebook Account Posting:

Our Facebook posting service price is $97 monthly.  This includes posting posting Monday – Saturday each month. It is easy to get us added das an admin to your page so we can post.  

We can created branded graphics, and take care of your social media ads too! Let us know what your specific needs are and we will give you a quote.

Instgram Account Posting:

We can also post to your Instagram account. Please get in touch with us for a quote. There are lots of options for the extent of services we can provide with Instagram.

Drop Us an Email to Get Signed Up or Ask Quetions!

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