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Drive Traffic to Your Website Before Your Customers Even See Search Results

Want Google and Bing to Recommend Your Business?

Have your business name show up for the search terms of your choice in the search box? Yeah, we can do that. Have potential customers select you before they even get to the regular search results. What will your competitors think when they see your name there? We have a good idea. 🙂

This isn’t rocket science but it is the most powerful search tactic out there and we are the only ones providing this ability. And, we offer exclusively for it.

What does this mean for your businesses?

Well. It’s huge!

It’s crazy, but not everyone understands the value of being prominent in search results and this shows that Google and Bing recommend your business first. We won’t waste time explaining more and how this is massive for your business. If you get it, you get it.

How it Works

When a user types in a search, Google and Bing offer a string of possibilities to autocomplete the search.

Say someone in the Boston area is looking for a personal injury lawyer, so they type “personal injury lawyer Boston” in the search box.

Google and Bing will list a handful of autocomplete options such as “best personal injury lawyer Boston,” personal injury attorneys Boston reviews” and similar options.

What if you could be right at the top of that list? Your customers could click on a link for your business before search results even appear.

Check this out…

You can appear right at the top of the Google or Bing search box. Let’s take attorney Michael O. Smith as an example. If he has reserved the keyword “personal injury attorney Boston,” when people in the Boston area type “personal injury attorney Boston,” the term “personal injury lawyer Boston Michael O. Smith” would be one of the selections that are auto-filled.

Every time!

Every time someone in the Boston area searches for “personal injury attorney Boston”, Michael O. Smith would come up in autosuggest.

There are thousands of personal injury lawyers in Boston. But Michael O. Smith would be the one that comes up in Google and Bing autosuggest thanks to Search Box Optimization.

People think Google is recommending Michael O. Smith, so of course they click.

It gets better…

A whole page of search results dedicated to your business
Once a user clicks on “personal injury attorney Boston Michael O. Smith” they are taken to an entire page of search results dedicated exclusively to Michael O. Smith results.

Not just one result out of many like on a traditional search results page, but an entire page just filled with information and links to attorney Michael O. Smith.

It’s a veritable billboard, a monopoly of dedicated Michael O. Smith search results!

Fun Fact

91% of Users View Auto Complete Feature and 71% Engage With It.

The Plan

Step 1

Schedule a discovery call to discuss your best keyword selections.

Step 2

We review your Google Business Profile and other citation listings and give suggestions on how they can be maximized.

Step 3

Our service takes 30-90+ days to get activated in both Bing and Google search, and you reap the rewards of getting more traffic, calls and sales!

The Cost

On your discovery call we will discuss the monthly pricing for the number of keywords you would like to appear in. There is a resservation amount that holds your keywords while the process begins and then you don’t pay until you are appearing in the search box. Only pay for our results! Isn’t that more sensible than traditional SEO service providers?

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