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Mobile Apps Columbia SC

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Want to capitalize on one of the most effective methods of communication for your business or organization?  Then let us build a custom mobile app for you!  What would you do if you were able to communicate with all of your most loyal customers, or group members any time you wanted to?  That power is a reality with push notification technology, and it is as simple as typing a message and clicking a button to send the message.

With a Mobile App Your Business Will Be Able To:

  1. Be visible to customers at all times
  2. Build brand recognition
  3. Improve customer engagement
  4. Stand out form the crowd
  5. Cultivate customer loyalty
Mobile Apps Columbia SC

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business or Organization

Push Notifications

Push notifications have close to a 100% open rate, so there is no worries about the recipients reading your messages, unlike email.  Also, why spend hundred of dollars or more for newspaper or radio advertisements, with no idea of how many people will actually read or listen to your ads.

Coupons and Rewards

Retail and service business customers LOVE loyalty coupons!  It makes them feel like a valued customer who is able to get rewarded for their patronage of your business.  Take your coupon and rewards to the next level and put them on your mobile app.  Everyone has their phone on them at all times anymore it seems, so we can put your business’s coupons where it will not be forgotten.


With geofencing, one can set a zone that whenever people with your app installed on their phones enters that geographical area, their phone will be sent a push notification.  Imagine if one of your customers enters the zone (of whatever size you create around your business) and they get a reminder message of a sale or promotion you are running.  Or, as a service business you are going to be working in a certain neighborhood that day and want to fill some appointment times close by.  How powerful what it be to send a message to those in that geographical area to call if they also need your service performed in their home?  Realtors can put a geofence message around individual properties.  Organizations can around a location for an event as a reminder ahead of time.

These are three of the most powerful features of using a mobile app.  We will customize an app for your business, train you and your staff on how to make sure your customers install the app on their phones, and provide signage to make the entire process easier for you and your staff.

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Custom Mobile Apps Columbia SC

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