Ready To Go Social Media Video Posts

Special Edition: Homeowner Tips & Advice

Ready To Go Social Media Video Posts

Special Edition: Homeowner Tips & Advice

Have you ever said. . .

  • I don’t have time to post on social media
  • I have no idea what to post
  • I don’t know how I should word my posts
  • Does it really matter?

It can be a struggle to find the time and content ideas to do social media posting, we know.  Many of our clients were tired of scratching their heads trying to brainstorm a regular schedule of posts.  And then, trying to find good images to go along with the post ideas was super time consuming.

Who Are Our Social Posts For?

Any Business Whose Customers Are Homeowners

. . . Like

Contractors, Home Improvement Companies, Realtors, Mortage Brokers, Insurance Companies, Plumbers, HVAC Companies, Electricians, Pest Control Companies, Home Repair Companies, Painters, Lawn Care, Carpet Cleaning, Home Security, Locksmiths, Foundation Repair, Irrigation, Insulation, Tree Removal. . . and a bunch more too! laughing

Why Do I Need This?

We’ll assume you know the importance of regularly posting on social media. Right?

Here are a few reasons:


* Build trust through a regular conversation with followers.

* Share important homeowner tips and advice with followers.

* Facebook recently got rid of the gray page verification badges. Posting regularly will help let visitors know you are still in business, legitimate, and active.

Here’s What We Have For You

122 Animated Text Posts + Caption Text

That’s enough for 1/3 of the year!!!

All the posts are square .mp4 files that look great on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. . . anywhere you want to post them!



Post these on your Instagram and set it to automatically post it to Facebook too!

Even if you don’t have an Instagram Account yet, now’s the time to create one!  It’s free and easy.

Grab Your Pack of 122 Social Posts Now!

We Make It Easy to Post:

1. Easy to download our video post files.

2. Copy and paste post caption text.

3. Let your followers like, comment, and share!


Post Topic Categories Include:

Seasonal home maintenance tips for all 4 seasons,  general homeowner tips, advice on increasing ones property value, plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, home safety, pest control, and homeowner motivational quotes.


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