Volvo Group secures the Proterra Powered business unit in a $210 million deal amidst the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy process.

Volvo Group has emerged victorious in the highly anticipated auction for the business and assets of Proterra Powered. The electric vehicle manufacturer, Proterra Inc., and its subsidiary, Proterra Operating Co. Inc., are currently undergoing a voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy process in the United States. With a winning bid of $210 million, Volvo Group has positioned itself to expand its presence in the electric vehicle market and strengthen its battery-electric roadmap.

Proterra’s Strategic Move:

In August, Proterra Inc. announced its strategic decision to maximize the value of its business and enhance the potential of its product lines. To achieve this, the company voluntarily filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the District of Delaware. The move was aimed at bolstering Proterra’s financial position through a recapitalization or going-concern sale.

Volvo Group’s Winning Bid:

Following the auction process, Volvo Group emerged as the successful bidder for the Proterra Powered business unit. The purchase price of $210 million solidifies Volvo Group’s commitment to expanding its foothold in the electric vehicle sector. The transaction is still subject to approval by the bankruptcy court and other conditions, with the closing expected in early 2024.

Assets Acquired:

As part of the deal, Volvo Group will acquire key assets, including a battery module and pack development center located in California. Additionally, an assembly factory in South Carolina will also be under Volvo Group’s ownership. These assets will not only complement Volvo Group’s existing operations but also accelerate the company’s future battery-electric roadmap.

Impact on Volvo Group:

Volvo Group has stated that the acquisition of Proterra Powered will have no material impact on its financial performance. However, the move signifies Volvo Group’s commitment to furthering its presence in the electric vehicle market and expanding its capabilities in battery technology.


Volvo Group’s successful bid for Proterra Powered marks a significant development in the electric vehicle industry. As Proterra undergoes its Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, Volvo Group has seized the opportunity to strengthen its position in the market. With the acquisition of Proterra Powered’s assets, Volvo Group is poised to accelerate its battery-electric roadmap and solidify its commitment to sustainable transportation. The transaction serves as a testament to the growing importance of electric vehicles in the global automotive landscape.