Laurens County Sheriff’s Office conducts successful burglary investigation, leading to multiple arrests and seizure of illegal narcotics

In a significant victory against drug-related crime, law enforcement officials in South Carolina have successfully closed down a notorious drug house and apprehended several career criminals. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office recently concluded a months-long burglary investigation, culminating in the execution of search warrants at two locations. The operation resulted in numerous arrests, the recovery of illegal narcotics, and the seizure of firearms. This article delves into the details of the investigation, the individuals apprehended, and the impact this closure will have on the community.

Operation Details and Arrests

During the course of their investigation, the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office focused on two locations: 244 Boyd Road and 8837 Highway 76 West in Laurens. These addresses were suspected to be operating as drug houses, facilitating the distribution of illegal narcotics in the area. Acting on the evidence gathered, deputies conducted simultaneous searches at both locations, leading to a series of arrests.

One of the primary individuals apprehended was Scottie Wayne Burkhalter, who faces charges of burglary, grand larceny, receiving stolen goods, and the illegal sale or delivery of firearms. Heather Sims was also arrested on charges of receiving stolen goods valued over $2000. Jason Sommers and Dana Sommers were charged with trafficking methamphetamine over 10 grams, as well as multiple counts of unlawful neglect of a child and possession of controlled substances. Britany Lynn Holliday faces charges of trafficking methamphetamine over 10 grams and parole violation. Christopher Dale Sams was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

Seizure of Firearms and Illegal Narcotics

The execution of the search warrants yielded significant results, with law enforcement seizing numerous firearms and a substantial quantity of illegal narcotics. The recovered firearms will not only prevent their potential use in further criminal activities but also contribute to reducing the overall threat to public safety. The types and quantities of narcotics seized have not been disclosed, but the operation dealt a significant blow to the local drug trade.

Ongoing Investigation and Future Arrests

While the recent operation has yielded substantial results, authorities believe that there are still more individuals involved in the drug operation who are yet to be apprehended. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to continuing their investigation and bringing all responsible parties to justice. The community can expect further arrests as the investigation progresses, ensuring that the drug trade in the area is dismantled.


The closure of the drug house in South Carolina and the subsequent arrest of several career criminals is a significant victory for the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. Through their months-long burglary investigation, law enforcement officials have disrupted a major drug operation and removed dangerous individuals from the community. The seizure of firearms and illegal narcotics will undoubtedly contribute to a safer environment for the residents of Laurens. As the investigation continues, the hope is that the judicial system will ensure that these career criminals remain behind bars, preventing them from terrorizing the community any further. The successful outcome of this operation serves as a reminder of the dedication and commitment of law enforcement in protecting communities and upholding the rule of law.