First Private School in South Carolina to Offer Tuition Coverage for Pell-Eligible Students

Charleston Southern University has recently unveiled a groundbreaking program called Buc Promise, making it the first private institution in South Carolina to offer a tuition guarantee that covers the cost of tuition for qualifying students. With this initiative, the university aims to make private Christian higher education more accessible and affordable for South Carolina residents. Buc Promise is set to launch with the incoming fall 2024 class, offering a renewable scholarship to eligible students.

A Pathway to Purpose: President B. Keith Faulkner’s Vision

Charleston Southern University’s President, B. Keith Faulkner, emphasized the transformative power of higher education in the program’s announcement. As a first-generation college student and an alumnus of CSU, Faulkner understands the challenges and choices that many students face. He believes that providing an affordable and accessible private Christian higher education experience will not only change the lives of individual students but also impact future generations. Faulkner sees education as the pathway to purpose and aims to create opportunities for students to build a better life through Buc Promise.

Eligibility and Renewability: Breaking Barriers for Pell-Eligible Students

To qualify for Buc Promise, students must be South Carolina residents, have a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), be Pell-eligible for more than the Minimum Pell Grant, enroll full time in a traditional degree program, and be pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. The program covers the remaining costs of tuition after Pell and other gift aid are applied throughout a student’s four years at CSU. Buc Promise is renewable each year, provided the student maintains eligibility.

Overcoming Financial Barriers: Making Private Education Affordable

Anthony Turner, the Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at Charleston Southern University, expressed excitement about the Buc Promise program and its potential to change the trajectory of students’ lives. Many students who are Pell-eligible often face financial barriers that hinder their dream of earning a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, the perception of high educational costs often deters students from considering private education. Buc Promise aims to break these barriers and showcase how students can afford a Christian higher education experience.

Charleston Southern University’s Commitment to Accessibility and Affordability

Charleston Southern University, a private Christian liberal arts institution, enrolls nearly 3,500 students. With the of Buc Promise, CSU solidifies its commitment to providing an affordable and accessible education to South Carolina residents. By covering the remaining costs of tuition for Pell-eligible students, the university hopes to make a private education more attainable, encouraging more students to pursue their academic goals at CSU.


Charleston Southern University’s Buc Promise program marks a significant milestone in higher education in South Carolina. By guaranteeing tuition coverage for qualifying students, CSU is breaking down financial barriers and making private Christian higher education more accessible and affordable. Buc Promise not only transforms the lives of individual students but also paves the way for future generations to pursue their dreams of a better life through education. With this innovative program, Charleston Southern University sets an example for other institutions, demonstrating the power of commitment and vision in shaping the future of education.