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Designs 4 Him

Christian Clothing and Graphic Prints

Designs 4 Him is a Christian clothing brand based out of Columbia, SC. This company sells t-shirts, accesories, and graphic prints with Christian themes and messages. They wanted a website that was beautifully simplistic. They wanted a lot of white space, as well. It was important to the Designs 4 Him team to have a website that was light, airy, and modern that appealed to both men and women. See the full site here.

Preferred Electrical SC


Preferred Electrical is an electrician company based in Columbia SC. We helped build their website from the ground up. We created their logo and captured every image displayed on the website. As a team, we wanted the website to stand out from others in the same field. We made the site very modern but kept it extrememly user friendly, mobile compatible, and well organized. See the full site here.

Kessler Organized Designs

Professional Organizing and Interior Decorating Services

Kessler Organized Designs is an organizing and decorating company based out of Columbia, SC. It was important to the company that the website be well layed out, user friendly, and seem organized. Because the company is also a creative company, offering decorating services, the website needed to be modern, fun, and unique as well. See the full site here.

Elsie Photographie


Elsie Photographie is a photography business based out of Columbia SC. They specialize in wedding photography, family portraiture, and travel photography. They wanted a website that was extremely simple yet modern. Because they feature many stunning images on their site, they wanted that to be the focus and not the website itsself. See the full site here.