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A brief synopsis of my experience in the world of website design is as follows. Coming from a graphics arts background, I began designing websites over five years ago.  In 2012 I became a partner and Chief of Internet Marketing Creation for an Internet marketing firm offering services to local service industries across the United States.  I have honed the ability to create effective website designs and various other web properties to create more business for local businesses.

For the past three years, I have built over 200 websites a year and more than triple that amount of other web properties.  I have developed a very streamlined, effective process – all done by hand without any automated tools.  However, my specialty is Search Engine Optimization, for what’s the purpose of creating a beautiful website if no one will see it!

While these efforts have created a very long resume of work, I do keep the clients I have from my partner company private and have offered some designs here in my Portfolio.

What Sets Designs By Kessler Apart From Other Website Design Companies in Columbia SC

  1. Our pricing is affordable for all!  There is no sacrificing quality for affordability here.
  2. Our clients are trained on how to use their website – adding content, writing blog posts, posting to social media accounts.
  3. We don’t want to own your website – we will set up the hosting and purchase the domain in your name, create the website, launch it, and train you on how to use it.
  4. We are a local Columbia SC business too, and love making new friends in our community!
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